Book Translation Services

Books are the most valued asset of writers and they wish to have more read their books. But what if someone wants to read a book and language restrictions prevent him from reading it? This is something that Pro Translation does not want to happen with readers and writers anymore. We aspire to make your books as widely accessible to people as we can because we value the work of writers and understand how much it means to them.

Our book translation services are for the writers who want their books to be readable for the 67% of the world’s reader population who does not understand English. It is a proven fact that readers are more comfortable with reading content in their native language even if they know multiple languages. This is why we have brought professional book translation facilities to the writers so that they may help such people read and understand their books better.

We know that book translation is an intricate task and we need to take it very seriously. A single mistake can alter the meaning of the writer and have his readers misinterpret his work. This is why we make sure that we analyze the books thoroughly before and after translating them. One of our aims is to deliver not the words of a writer to his reader efficiently, but also their meaning and the emotions associated with them. We perform all these services without wasting any time so that there is no delay in the delivery of translated books.

Our professional translators are people and not software so the translation is not only accurate in terms of meaning but also in grammar. This is because we leave no confusion or doubts in the books when they are in our professional and responsible hands. We have a highly skilled team of qualified multi-lingual translators who understand different languages and the cultures associated with them too. This is integral in providing the best book translation services that we take pride in.
We translate all kinds of the book – fiction, catalogs, encyclopedias, academic books, theological books, medical books, children’s books, guidebooks, cookery books, textbooks and training manuals etc. this means that you do not have to worry if we will take up your project or not. We know the jargon of all the languages that we specialize in quite well, so there are hardly any mistakes, if ever.

So, you can entrust Pro Translation with all of your books for translation. We promise that we will leave you impressed with our work!
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