Medical record

We strongly believe that human life and healthcare are very delicate topics
that should be treated or paid with equal respect.
Here at Pro-translation, we give you valuable professional and medical translation services flexible to your individual budgets. Every single medical document or medical record approved by management and actively translated by our skilled medical translators further goes through our quality assurance programmed. We even offer quality assurance and assistance with any of the medical translations just in case it's already done, ranging from multiple stages of re-editing or proofreading to testing with handpicked focus groups.

All of these synergistic benefits are what makes the Pro-translation's medical translation package(s) the best even among equal, though we don't consider we have any.

We offer spectacular translation services in diverse languages amounting to over 115 languages and 2500 language pairs if we decide to be conservative. Be with the best. Be with Pro-translation. Let’s get started.
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